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With so many physicians in the Phoenix area, it can be frustrating and difficult to find one who accepts your Medicare plan, specializes in the specific care you need and aligns with your preferences. At, we connect you to value-based primary care that is personal, focused on seniors and checks off your most important boxes to enhance your health care experience.

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Serving Adults on Medicare

All of our primary care provider partners specialize in senior care. They understand the importance of delivering personalized care for seniors with chronic conditions, complex medical schedules and difficulty leaving home. You get the attention you need to start living a healthier life.

Value-Based Care Services

Our value-based care partner providers make it easy for patients to get the quality healthcare they deserve by providing value added services. These services may include transportation to and from appointments, on-site pharmacies, lab services and more.

A Community of Care

Not only can connect you to exceptional care, but we also provide educational resources and support along the way so you never have to navigate the world of Medicare alone. To our team and the primary care providers we match you with, you are not a number or money. You’re someone who deserves high-quality, personalized care that makes you feel heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you select your primary care provider partners?

We partner with a limited number of value-based care providers who accept Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. This allows us to ensure we are connecting you to the highest-quality care in Phoenix.

What makes doctors listed on different?

We don’t just list any doctor near you. To be on out list, providers must offer care that aligns with the value-based care model, such as shorter wait times, easy appointment scheduling, more one-on-one time during appointments and high-quality personalized treatment.

What is value-based care?

All of’s partner providers practice value-based care. That means Medicare pays them for the quality of care they provide patients, rather than for the number of patients who pass through the office. Because they’re focused on their patients, value-based care physicians have more time to spend with you, get to know you and your needs and offer a more meaningful connection with your doctor.