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Ochsner 65 Plus

At Ochsner 65 Plus, our board-certified experts help you reach your healthcare goals. We offer extended one-on-one time with your primary care doctor with access to a multidisciplinary team to design a care plan just for you. Ochsner 65 Plus participants are seamlessly connected to hundreds of Ochsner Health specialties and resources.
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Chen Senior Medical Center

You are more than an appointment. At Chen Senior Medical Center, both your doctor and your team are focused on equipping you with everything you need to for your mind and body to stay well.
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Oak Street Health

At Oak Street Health, primary care doctors go above and beyond to ensure your comfort. With a focus on preventative care, adults on Medicare can enjoy a healthier life thanks to Oak Street’s experts.
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One Medical Seniors

One Medical Seniors is a primary care physician’s practice dedicated to and designed especially for seniors on Medicare. Patients with One Medical Seniors get both a provider and care team dedicated to their care. Together the team spends more time with patients to address their questions and concerns and listens to understand their health goals.
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IntuneHealth sets the standard for the future of primary care. Our team of dedicated providers meet you wherever you are: at home, in-office or virtually. Getting the treatment you deserve has never been so easy!
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ArchWell Health

ArchWell providers put the patient at the center of everything they do, leading to better health outcomes. Preventive care, social and educational activities, and mental health are all part of Archwell’s commitment to overall wellness.
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Village Medical 

Village Medical can bring you primary care that is more caring, with same-day appointments, and virtual or in-home visits. Find a doctor near you.
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Dedicated Senior Medical Center

Dedicated Senior Medical Center focuses on coaching for wellness, instead of simply treating symptoms. Their team of providers work together to provide proactive and preventative care that is centered on you.
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JenCare Senior Medical Center

JenCare Senior Medical Center treats the whole person: the physical, mental and emotional. They work with a team to focus on your specific situation, and the proactive and preventative measures that can be taken to improve your health.
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CenterWell’s holistic approach includes wellness services that keep you healthy, such as social services, fitness classes and nutrition support. From Medicare to hospitals and all the services in between, CenterWell helps patients successfully coordinate the care they deserve.
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Gather Health

Gather Health Care is proud to join the providers at NewPrimaryCare.com to serve communities with value-based care.
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At Wellvana, your primary care team truly gets to know and care for you. Your care provider maps out your health care journey with you, not for you.
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Heyday Health

With Heyday Health’s primary care team, Northeast Ohio residents can receive personalized care at home, without the annoying office visits. Plus, with a Health Ally from Heyday, you can get all the support you need for scheduling appointments, managing your prescriptions and coordinating therapy.
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With a holistic approach and 24/7 care available, Conviva Care Centers focus on helping you live your healthiest life. Conviva Care Centers offer routine wellness care, same-day and telemedicine appointments, and disease management programs.
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Palm Medical Centers

Good health is more than preventing sickness. Palm Medical Centers offers wellness centers featuring programs, events and education to maintain your health in mind, body and spirit.
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Kroger Health

Kroger Health is proud to join the providers at NewPrimaryCare.com to serve communities with value-based care.
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