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Why a Tour Matters When Finding a New Primary Care Physician

When you’re looking for a primary care physician near you, there are some things you can do to make the transition easier on yourself. One of the most important things you can do is schedule a tour of the primary care clinic you’re interested in.


Scheduling a tour lets you check out the facilities, get to know the staff, and see whether the primary care provider is the right fit for your needs. You might even be surprised at some of the amenities your new primary care clinic can offer you! At NewPrimaryCare.com™, we help you find a Medicare doctor that fits your needs, so you can enjoy the care you deserve.


Watch the video below to see why booking your clinic tour is an important part of the process.

What to Expect at Value-Based Care Clinics

If you’re new to value-based care, you might not know about some of their many benefits, which you’ll learn more about on your tour.

Little to no wait time

Your time is valuable. Many of the provider partners NewPrimaryCare.com works with strive to keep wait times to five minutes or less.

More time with your doctor

You deserve a primary care physician who will take the time to listen to your concerns and treat you with respect. At our value-based care partner clinics, your doctor spends more time with you, answering your questions and exploring your treatment options.

Care that’s centered around you

What makes a clinic “value-based?” It’s the value they provide you in support of your total wellness. Everything is designed with the patient’s health in mind, from the way visits are structured and the care provided to the way you can enjoy multiple services all in one place, including some specialist services.

Why It’s Important to Tour Your New Primary Care Physician Clinic

In order to choose the right care provider for your unique needs, you’ll need to compare a few providers to find the best fit.


That’s why there are several reasons why it’s important to schedule a tour of your new clinic.

Create a good relationship with your doctor

When you visit the clinic ahead of time, you get to meet your future primary care physician without distractions. This is your chance to learn more about their care philosophy, their background, and their experience. You can both get to know each other better before you begin your doctor-patient relationship.

Get to know the staff

The staff at your new practice is just as important! They will be the ones helping you with scheduling, guiding you through your health journey, and taking care of you, in addition to your primary care provider. Getting to know staff isn’t just about you knowing them — it’s about them getting to know you as well! That allows for a stronger relationship and better service down the road.

View the facilities in person

When you tour a value-based care clinic, you get to witness the parking options, relaxing waiting rooms, and state-of-the-art exam rooms for yourself. Seeing the clean, spacious health care environment lets you know what to expect when you return for your first visit as a patient.

Explore the amenities

You’ll also get a chance to check out the other amenities that elevate your primary care experience. Depending on the value-based care clinic you choose, you may see on-site pharmacies, so you can get your exam and pick up your prescriptions all in one place. Or you may be excited to check out the gathering spaces, which are perfect for community-building activities and continuing education opportunities. These amenities help support your total mind, body and spirit wellness.

Get a chance to ask questions

Finally, taking a tour is the best way to ask questions. As the patient, you deserve care that understands your needs and caters to your ideal experience. Touring a facility is a great way to explore those options. Ask the staff your most pressing questions and even consider jotting down their answers — taking notes is a great way to remember the important details of your visit for the future, when you become a patient.

How to Schedule a Tour with a NewPrimaryCare.com Physician

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