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NewPrimaryCare.com™: What It Is, and What It’s Not

If you’ve ever had to switch doctors, you know that it can set off a chain reaction of headaches and hassle. You have to deal with a new office, new policies, new personalities — not to mention your insurance, medical records, and other paperwork. It can all be quite overwhelming, and sorting it out can feel like a full-time job.


NewPrimaryCare.com has set out to make the switch to a new primary care Medicare doctor as pleasant and painless as can be.


We’re a doctor directory website that offers a personal touch to finding new primary care. With NewPrimaryCare.com, you can find a great doctor near you who meets your needs. We’ll even help you get switched over.

The problem with other doctor directories

There are many different ways to go about looking for a new Medicare primary care doctor.


In the old days, you might have pulled out a phone book and crossed your fingers while you made call after call. These days, you can do a Google search—only to find page after page of doctors who aren’t in your area, aren’t taking new patients, or don’t take your insurance. What a waste of time!


Even using the official Medicare find-and-compare tool will only get you so far. And the government website can’t help you with the most important part of choosing a new primary care doctor: finding one who will spend the time to actually listen.


After all, not all doctors are created equal.


NewPrimaryCare.com is not a comprehensive, indiscriminate Medicare doctor directory. Our provider listings don’t name every single Medicare doctor in your area. That wouldn’t be helpful. In fact, that would just add to the sea of information you need to wade through.

The NewPrimaryCare.com difference

Instead, we cultivate a highly selective list of Medicare providers who are committed to Value-Based Care. In other words, you can trust that our network of primary care providers believe in the same thing you do: more time with the doctor, less time in the waiting room, and better options for care.


When you search for providers at NewPrimaryCare.com, we give you a curated list of Medicare doctors you can count on to put their patients first. And what’s more, you don’t have to search on your own. 


Our concierge-style Personal Care Advocates are experienced with finding the right Medicare doctor to meet your needs. Tell them what you’re looking for, what your preferences are, and what kind of Medicare insurance you have, and they’ll search for exactly the right providers.

The importance of value-based primary care providers

If you want to be treated with respect at your new primary care physician, and you want to be more than just a number, then you need to find a doctor who believes in Value-Based Care.


At NewPrimaryCare.com, that’s the only type of doctor we work with. Every provider clinic who wants to be a part of our doctor directory must offer value-based primary care. That means:


  • They have fewer patients per practice
  • They have more time to spend with each patient
  • Their focus is on each patient’s overall health and wellness
  • Wait times are shorter
  • Their operations are based on how healthy they keep their patients — not on how many tests they order or pills they prescribe

If that sounds more like the kind of health care experience you’d like to have, then it’s important to seek out value-based care providers when you search for a new Medicare doctor.


By choosing NewPrimaryCare.com to begin your search, you get personal, customized help in finding exactly what you’re looking for. And once you’ve found the right match, we’ll even set up your first appointment!


Find a provider near you and get started today.