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Anne G. talks about her positive experience with value-based care

What Patients Are Saying About Value-Based Care

What is value-based care? It’s a different approach to medical care that puts the emphasis on you – the patient.

How does value-based care work?

With the value-based care model, providers are rewarded for helping Medicare patients get healthy and stay healthy – not for the number of patients they see or how many office visits they perform.


Doesn’t that make more sense? After all, the goal of health care shouldn’t be more fees for service, but better outcomes for patients.

Why use value-based care?

Value-based care is about proactive patient health management, with providers who specialize in caring for Medicare patients. You – the patient – are always the main focus.


Doctors who offer value-based care spend more time with patients. They take fewer patients, so they can get to know you better and listen to your concerns.  

Where can I find value-based care?

If you want a physician who spends time with you and develops personalized treatment plans, a provider who uses the value-based care model might be exactly what you need.


If you are on Medicare, will soon age into Medicare or are a caregiver for a senior, you can find a curated list of value-based providers at newprimarycare.com™. The goal of newprimarycare.com is to connect seniors with the high-quality care they deserve.

Patients Talk About Value-Based Care

Anne G. was encouraged when she toured the Conviva West Delray facility offering value-based care.


“One of the reasons I am really glad I did (the tour) is because of the staff,” says Anne. “They were really friendly, and I got the chance to meet the people I will be dealing with. I also got a chance to meet the doctor I will be seeing. I like the facility itself – it’s clean and brand-new looking. Even the rooms were all state-of-the-art technology.”


Rhett is another Medicare patient. He’s in good shape and doing his best to stay healthy as he ages. Rhett began to feel like his primary care doctor was looking at him based on his age, not his needs. He experienced longer wait times and rushed appointments.


After newprimarycare.com gave a seminar at his church, he knew this was going to work for him. He was able to connect with a primary care doctor who would come to his home for treatment.


Barbara and Robert are new to value-based care. They are pleased that the facility they found on newprimarycare.com has everything they need – in one location. Their new primary care provider offers physical therapy and a pharmacy on-site.

Interested in switching to value-based care?

Switching primary care doctors shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we offer a list of physician partner providers who offer value-based care in your area. Simply use our handy Find a Doctor tool.



At newprimarycare.com, we also offer Primary Care Advocates – who will assist you in switching to a Medicare doctor near you who provides value-based care. A Primary Care Advocate can help you find a physician, tour medical facilities and schedule appointments.



Visit our site to talk to a Primary Care Advocate or find one of our physician partners.