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4 Reasons Why Value-Based Health Care Serves Low-Income Seniors Best

Are you looking for a new Medicare doctor who is personal, affordable and nearby? The struggle is real. But NewPrimaryCare.com™ can help. You can get personal and affordable value-based care from one of our partner providers. Find a Medicare doctor near you.


What makes our partner providers’ value-based care different? Value-based care focuses on elderly, low-income patients and treats their situation holistically: their physical, mental and environmental needs, which are often entwined. This kind of value-based care gives the following results for low-income seniors:

1. Lower Costs

Doctors are compensated based on patient health outcomes, not simply for the service or procedure they provide. It focuses on preventative care, which in turn reduces the need for unnecessary and expensive tests and medications.

2. Fewer Errors

Value-based care is collaborative by nature. By working together, and focusing on the patient’s outcome, our partner providers have greater success and make fewer mistakes.

3. More Informed Patients

A collaborative approach shares data with several providers as well as the patient. When providers are transparent about your health care metrics, you can stay informed more easily.

4. Higher Patient Satisfaction

Patients receive personal care that considers the entire situation – including things like employment, food insecurity and home insecurity. They leave feeling heard and knowing that their providers care.

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