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Value Based Care: What Is It and Why Does It Matter for Medicare Patients?

In health care, it used to be that you would go to a doctor and pay fees for the services they prescribed. That was the end of the story. But today, we understand that the traditional health care model doesn’t always result in better health. Enter value based care. This blog post will explore the ins and outs of value based care, what it is and why it matters for patients especially Medicare patients.

What is value based care?

The value based care model shifts the focal point from the quantity of health care services provided to the quality of care that is delivered. As quality care becomes the goal, the patient’s health becomes the focus. This way, providers work together with seniors and specialists to prevent health problems and manage chronic conditions.

Fee-for-service vs. value based care​

Have you, or your loved one, ever gone to a doctor only to be prescribed a test that doesn’t relate to your symptoms? When providers are compensated for the tests, procedures or visits they provide, that is the fee-for-service health care model at work. On the other hand, value based care incentivizes providers based on their improved outcomes and results.

Benefits of value based care for Medicare patients

Improved care quality

When Medicare patients choose a doctor with a value-based care approach, patients can be assured that their provider is focused on achieving better health outcomes with evidence-based treatment.

Patient-centered approach

One area that makes value based care so effective is its patient-centered approach. When patients and providers make shared decisions, it promotes a stronger patient-provider relationship that builds trust and healthy outcomes.

Improved access to care

Value based health care is important for all populations but can have the greatest impact on underserved populations. Focusing on building trust with doctors who provide preventative treatment options, people can reduce the need for further tests or treatments.

Proactive disease prevention

Patients benefit from screenings, vaccinations and ongoing education that helps prevent or detect diseases at an early age. When patients and providers can focus on prevention and management, it’s easier to achieve good health results and reduce the risk of serious illness.

How does value based care save Medicare patients money?

Value based care saves patients money by focusing on preventative care and effective management of chronic conditions. When patients take their health into their own hands with value based care, they can prevent illness and reduce the need for emergency care or extended hospital stays.

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