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How to Find a Primary Care Doctor Who Accepts Medicare

Seeing your doctor regularly is a key to better health. That’s why you need a doctor who provides quality care; a doctor who takes the time to know you and your needs; a doctor who puts you at the center of your health care decisions.


And if you’re on Medicare, you need a doctor who takes your insurance.

Where can I find a primary care physician who accepts Medicare patients?

Finding the right doctor doesn’t have to be a confusing chore. NewPrimaryCare.com™ makes it easy to search for and compare qualified Medicare doctors near you.


But simplicity and speed aren’t the only benefits. Every doctor listed on NewPrimaryCare.com provides value-based care.

The value-based care advantage

Medicare rewards value-based care doctors for quality rather than quantity. These physicians see fewer patients, which allows them to spend more time getting to know you and your unique needs. That can mean better health for you and lower health care costs.

What value-based care means for you

Value-based care physicians understand it can be difficult to manage chronic conditions, medication schedules and appointments. So, they take the time to develop personalized treatment plans.


You can expect quicker appointment scheduling, shorter waits at the doctor’s office and a meaningful connection with your value-based care physician.


Use our Find Your Doctor tool to search for and compare value-based care providers near you.