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Medicare open enrollment form

When is Open Enrollment for Medicare 2022?

Medicare open enrollment for 2022 occurs October 15th through December 7th –this happens annually. During this period, you can enroll into Medicare for the first time or make changes to your existing plan.


There is also an open enrollment period each year for Medicare Advantage that occurs between January 1st and March 31st. Medicare Advantage, sometimes referred to as Medicare Part C, is a more flexible options as far as costs and features go when compared to standard Medicare plans. Medicare Advantage will still cover Part A and Part B and may cover extra services such as dental, hearing and vision care.


You’re able to enroll easily online through the official Medicare website. After enrolling, you’ll need to find a doctor who accepts Medicare. We can help with our Find Your Doctor Tool.

When can I change my Medicare plan for 2022?

Although open enrollment is only from October 15th to December 7th, you’ll have multiple chances throughout the year to change your Medicare plan.


Also, during this period you are able to switch from Medicare to Medicare Advantage, or between different Medicare Advantage plans.


It’s also encouraged that during open enrollment you consider your Medicare Part D plan. If you plan on adding a Part D plan, switching from plan to another or removing your Part D plan altogether, you’re able to do so without incurring the late enrollment penalty.


During the Medicare Advantage open enrollment period, you can similarly switch plans and enroll in Part D. However, unlike the regular Medicare open enrollment where you can change your plan multiple times, during this time you’re only able to change your plan once.

What changes are coming to Medicare in 2022?

This year has seen some significant changes be made to Medicare. The most impactful change that you should be aware of is the increase in Part A and Part B premiums and deductibles. The new Part B premium has risen to $170.10 a month and the new deductible is now $233. Part A has increased the premiums for those with 30 to 40 quarters of work history to $274 a month. Those with less than 30 quarters of work history are expected to pay $499 a month.

Can you join Medicare mid-year?

Generally, you are not able to enroll into Medicare outside of the open enrollment periods. However, there may be special circumstances that would require you to enroll outside of that period or make changes to your existing plan.


You’re able to find a full list of what would qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period on the official Medicare website.

What happens if I do nothing during Medicare open enrollment?

If you are approaching the age of 65 and are collecting Social Security, then the Social Security Administration will automatically sign you up for Part A and Part B of Medicare. You should receive sign-up instructions from the Social Security Administration three months before you turn 65.


Those who are not receiving Social Security will need to actively sign up during the open enrollment period.


If you are currently enrolled in a Medicare plan and do not wish to make any changes, then you do not need to take any action during open enrollment.

How many Medicare beneficiaries are there in 2022?

Medicare continues to be one of the leading health insurance programs in the United States. This year, the number of Medicare beneficiaries has grown by 1 million since last year. The program is now providing insurance to over 62 million people and it projected to help even more beneficiaries in 2023.


Once enrolled, it’s important that you find a Medicare Doctor who practices value-based care and can meet your every need. We make it easy to find the right doctor for you with our Find Your Doctor Tool.