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How a new primary care doctor could complement your Medicare plan

If you’ve ever struggled with getting the care you deserve, it could be time to switch doctors. There’s no need to put up with long waits, rushed visits and crowded waiting rooms. By switching primary care providers, you can find a provider that offers the care you need and the service you deserve. They may even provide amenities you can’t get at your current provider.


Learn why changing providers could complement your current Medicare plan, and find out how to switch to a new Medicare primary care doctor.

Choosing a Medicare primary care physician

Choosing a value-based Medicare primary care physician can help you make the most of the Medicare plan you already have. Many offer amenities and services that provide greater convenience, comfort or privacy, such as in-home or telehealth visits. Others may provide transportation services, educational programs or social services. Changing primary care doctors is a great way to gain access to shorter waits, quicker scheduling, even more time with your provider — all with your current Medicare plan.

Do I need a primary care doctor with Medicare Advantage?

Whether you need to choose a primary care doctor will depend on the kind of Medicare plan you have.


Typically, you’re not required to have a primary care physician if you have Original Medicare. You can choose to get care anywhere that accepts Medicare.


However, if you have Medicare Advantage HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), you’ll probably need to choose a primary care doctor. This is the doctor who will help you maintain your health, referring you to specialists when needed.


If you have Medicare Advantage PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), you don’t need to declare a primary care physician—the same goes for Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plans. With Special Needs Plans (SNPs), you may need to choose a primary care doctor or a care coordinator, depending on your plan.


Regardless of the Medicare plan you have, choosing a doctor who accepts your Medicare plan and helps you maintain your health is a great way to ensure you keep living the life you enjoy.

Finding the right Medicare physician

It may seem overwhelming to try to find the right Medicare doctor—like searching for a needle in a haystack. But NewPrimaryCare.com™ lets you search for Medicare doctors near you, delivering a curated list of partner providers who meet your requirements.


If you need more personalized help, you can chat with one of our Primary Care Advocates. They have been specially trained to navigate Medicare primary care providers and their offerings. Our advocates can give you personalized help in finding the right Medicare doctor for your needs.

How to switch doctors

The way you go about switching doctors will depend on your Medicare plan. It can vary, so it helps to understand which plan you have and what the requirements are.


Typically, you can change your primary doctor with Medicare by filling out a form.

Original Medicare

Remember that you aren’t required to have a primary care doctor if you have Original Medicare. You can see the doctor of your choice, but you’ll want to make sure they take Medicare patients. Call the office to find out before you make your appointment. If you want to switch Medicare doctors, simply make an appointment with your new doctor.

Medicare Advantage HMO

If you have a Medicare Advantage HMO plan and you’d like to change your primary care doctor, it’s a good idea to contact your insurer to let them know of the change. They’ll likely have you fill out a change of provider form. You can also call the member services department for help. This is important, because you’ll probably need to make sure your new doctor is compatible with your plan.

Medicare Advantage PPO

If your plan is a Medicare Advantage PPO, you may be able to choose a different doctor in your network and see them instead. But since each plan’s rules for switching are unique, you’ll need to contact your insurer to see what they require.

Where to find a new Medicare doctor

The best place to find a new Medicare doctor is NewPrimaryCare.com. You can search for our partner providers near you using our Find a Doctor tool, which will let you choose your most important criteria. But we also offer Primary Care Advocates, who can help you search for a doctor that is in-network and takes your insurance. They can even set up a visit or schedule your first appointment for you!


At New Primary Care, our mission is to help connect you with the care you deserve. Let us help you with your new doctor search, so you can be sure to find the right doctor for your needs.