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How to Find a Medicare Provider Focused On Getting and Keeping You Healthy

Keeping up with your health is an important part of aging. Your health care needs become more complex, and it can be overwhelming to manage appointments and medication schedules, as well as having to deal with providers who don’t seem to really understand your individual needs. Looking for a new Medicare doctor? Read on to learn what to look for when researching senior health care services.

Search by location

First, find a Medicare provider in your area. Make sure your new doctor’s office is nearby and easy to get to. If their office is conveniently located, you’re more likely to keep up with your appointments, as well as physicals and other preventative care visits. Some Medicare providers also offer house calls, telehealth visits and even transportation help.

Easier appointment scheduling

Do you have a hard time getting through to your doctor to schedule a timely appointment? Sometimes it’s so difficult to make an appointment, people find themselves going to the ER just to be seen. You deserve a health care experience with easy access to the care you need. When comparing Medicare doctors, quicker appointment scheduling and shorter waiting room times should be high on your requirement list.

Personalized senior health care

Your doctor/patient relationship can be one of the most significant relationships in your life, when it comes to your health and wellbeing. No one wants to be rushed through an appointment without feeling like their needs are truly understood, especially when you’re a senior on Medicare. As you age, your health needs become more involved, so you need a value-based care provider who specializes in senior health care services and offers more one-on-one time during appointments.

Medicare acceptance

When vetting potential doctors, it’s a good idea to ask, up-front, if they accept your insurance plan. No one wants to start up with a new doctor they love only to get a surprisingly large bill in the mail and find that the services weren’t covered. All the doctors in the NewPrimaryCare.com™ directory accept Medicare. It’s important to check to make sure your specific Medicare plan is covered when researching your new primary care doctor.

Collaborative health care model

When considering a new doctor, ask if they follow a collaborative model, such as value-based care. With value-based care, there are dedicated senior care specialists all working together to help coordinate your care. All provider partners in the NewPrimaryCare.com directory follow a collaborative, value-based care model. NewPrimaryCare.com also connects you to a Primary Care Advocate who can help you navigate your search for a new doctor.

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