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Do you Need a New Doctor? Why Choose Value-Based Care

When you have a relationship with your health care provider, it can be hard to find another one. They know your health history and more. But if your insurance changes or your doctor moves or retires, it can sometime be unavoidable. But when you’re searching for a new doctor, it can be an opportunity– to potentially find an even better fit.


If you find yourself in that situation, don’t worry. While NewPrimaryCare.com can’t replace the relationship you had with your doctor (we all get attached to our doctors – we’re human). At NewPrimaryCare.com, we can help you find a doctor or provider that gives the type of care you deserve. This blog post, we’ll explore why a doctor who practices value-based care might be right for you.

Why choose value-based care

Vetted doctors, specialized for seniors

At NewPrimaryCare.com, we provide value-based care that is specific to the needs of individuals over 65 years old. Often times this requires a knowledge of chronic conditions and ability to understand complex medication schedules.

Quicker appointment scheduling

When you choose value-based care through NewPrimaryCare.com, all of your specialized doctors are in one clinical location. This eliminates the hassle of managing schedules, appointments and transportation if you have several appointments on the same day.

More time with the doctor

Research shows that the more time doctors spend with patients, the more likely their care will address root causes of health concerns, rather than symptoms. This personalized style of care is a capstone of value-based health care. It helps patients feel more listened to and cared for.

Shorter wait times

Since patients who see a value-based provider spend more time with their doctor, schedulers are able to allot more time with the doctor. This means that they can often be more accurate with their scheduling, which results in shorter wait times for patients.  

Focused on what matters to you

When you visit a doctor who provides value-based care, you are choosing a relationship rather than a transaction. With value-based care, you and your doctor can discuss what lifestyle choices matter to you, and together, you will create a holistic health plan that includes physical, mental and emotional health.

Find a doctor near you.

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