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Why Choose IntuneHealth?


  • Virtual appointments

When you’re traveling, on vacation, or just busy, it’s simple and convenient to have a virtual visit with your primary care doctor right from your cell phone, tablet, or computer.

  • In-office visits

We’ve made the in-person experience more welcoming and comfortable. Plus, you’ll find all the services you need to stay healthy under one roof, including primary care, x-rays, and lab tests.

  • In-home care
When needed, we can schedule a visit in the comfort of your own home. Our Mobile Care Champions will measure vital signs, administer medications, perform tests, and more.
  • Convenient care through the IntuneHealth app
The IntuneHealth app helps you easily connect to a virtual appointment with your doctor, schedule appointments, manage medications, get messages to and from your care team, and more.
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Delivering a VIP Patient Experience

Patient satisfaction is high*

During our internal pilot for IntuneHealth


94% of our patients were satisfied with the care they received from their doctor.


97% of our patients were satisfied with the amount of time their physician spent with them.


97% of our patients felt their doctor listened to them and treated them with respect.


*Based on anonymous, third-party survey data collected from TeamCare patients in 2021 (n=34).

Legal: © 2023 IntuneHealth. All rights reserved. IntuneHealth is an administrative and technology service provider that connects its users with IntuneHealth. Medical services in your area are provided by IntuneHealth, an independent medical practice. IntuneHealth provides mobile, non-emergency medical services in your area.

The IntuneHealth Experience

The IntuneHealth clinic experience was thoughtfully and deliberately designed to elevate the patient experience – a departure from a traditional clinic experience.

  • Provides a welcoming, open, spa-like experience for patients and accompanying family members or guests.
  • Open spaces promote team collaboration between Physicians and Care Promoters.
  • Dedicated space allows PCP to deliver an uninterrupted, high-quality virtual visit.
  • Portable equipment allows patients to enjoy and remain in their exam room while care team members transition between spaces to meet patients where they are.
  • Tech-forward experience reduces the amount of paperwork required and easier access to documents when needed. And care doesn’t end when patients leave the center. IntuneHealth patients have access to:
  • Unlimited virtual visits with their PCP and dedicated care team
  • Home visits as needed for sick visits, testing and follow-up appointments.
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Find IntuneHealth Provider Now On NewPrimaryCare™!

Call now to find IntuneHealth Providers: (866) 929-3199